Lip Enlargement

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Lip Enlargement Treatment in Islamabad

Do you wish to go for lip enlargement with a lip plumping treatment? Dr. Shumaila can provide you with the best lip treatment available in Pakistan. According to modern beauty standards, plumper lips are considered a main attraction in order to consider a face beautiful. Many models and celebrities have got their lips appear plum to enhance their beauty of the face. There are many procedures to enhance lips and make them plump using some instruments and non- surgical procedures.

What are some ways for lip enlargement?

Having a high lip volume is in trend these days. Procedures like Lip enhancement and Lip Enlargement are pretty much in trend. Just like Botulinum toxin (anti-wrinkle injection) treatment for lips makes lips look plump, lip enhancer also increases the volume of lips in the right areas for an enhanced lips effect.

Dr. Shumaila is the best Aesthetic Physician in Islamabad and is an expert in lip plumping treatment. She is an expert in the field of aesthetic surgeries and other skin treatments like acne and scar treatments. Her team of experts diagnose the treatments and discuss with the client first and devise a treatment procedure according to the client’s preferences.

Choose the best expert for your lip procedures

Lips form a basic element in your facial beauty. It is a fact that your facial beauty can be heavily affected if your lip enlargement is gone wrong somehow. So, it is always advised to find the best Aesthetic Physician for a lip enlargement procedure. A Skilled specialist like Dr. Shumaila Khan is ideal for lip enlargement procedure on your face since she has many years of experience with this procedure.
Do you think you are a good candidate for lip enlargement? Look no further.
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