Thread Lifting Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Thread Lifting Treatment in Islamabad

The trend for Thread lifting treatment for skincare is increasing day by day. One of the best skin specialists to get aesthetic treatment is Dr. Shumaila Khan. She is the best skin specialist in Islamabad. If you are in search for an authentic and medically sound institute for non-surgical treatment or any other cosmetic procedures, Dermalase is the place for you. Thread lift procedure is a skin care treatment that provides immediate results on face. It is a quick fix that provides long lasting effects. The areas that can be treated with thread lifting treatment are jaw line, cheeks, eye-brows, neck and malar area or area of cheek bone.

Find the Right expert for your thread lifting treatments

Skin care treatments like thread lifting treatment are beneficial for skin since they do not require much surgery. IT is always to go for the Right expert for a sensitive procedure like facial contouring procedures.  Do you feel the need to lift up your face, head up to Dermalase and get an appointment for your thread lifting treatments? Head to Dermalase for an appointment today!

Why choose thread lifting?

Thread lifting provides a tighter and plumper skin that eventually rejuvenates your skin.  It also helps in cosmetic enhancement and uplifts your overall face.  These benefits are also suitable for people who are experiencing aging signs.

With a thread lift procedure, you can get rid of other skincare treatment products that are present in the market. Dr. Shumaila uses the best in line skincare products for an effective aesthetic treatment and hence the results are exceptional. Dr. Shumaila, the top Aesthetic Physician
in Islamabad has hundred of happy customers due to her skill and efficiency. She always adopts the best practices for every treatment may it be non-surgical procedures, skincare treatments, cosmetic procedures, or body contouring procedures.