Dimple Creation

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Dimple Creation in Islamabad

Dimpleplasty is a procedure where you can get a dimple on your face as you desire. Dimple creation has not been a very old procedure and facial dimple creation is now done using latest technology. At Dermalase, experts often deal with clients who already have dimples n their faces but the dimple needs to be defended a bit more to make it visible. In such a scenario, the experts make the existing inherent dimple fine that results in an attractive facial smile. Dr. Shumaila khan is an expert in facial dimple creation and other aesthetics treatments related to facial beauty. Dimpleplasty is a full-fledge study and according to Dr. Shumaila, this procedure should only be done on a face by an expert who has dimpleplasty experience.

What is dimpleplasty?

The procedure of dimpleplasty is fairly simple. The expert gives the client a local anesthesia and then an incision is performed on inner part of your cheek. The outer part is not touched in any way. In this way, the treatment leaves no scars on the skin and the whole treatment is free of pain. It is always recommended to find the best surgeon for a process like dimpleplasty. The surgeon will then use a small biopsy instrument for an artificial dimple creation. The procedure normally takes two days to recover. Possible complications include bleeding, infections or scarring. But if you get it done from a professional like Dr. Shumaila Khan, it’s more likely that there will be least side effects on the skin.

Discover the best skin specialist in Islamabad for a dimple process

If you think you are the right candidate for facial dimple creation, or if you wish to enhance your smile with a dimple on your face, head to Dermalase for an effective dimpleplasty treatment and get the best skin treatment for your facial beauty. Book your appointments from Dr. Shumaila khan today.