Large Pores Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Large Pores/Open Pores Treatment in Islamabad

Are you a victim of open pores or unwanted skin pores that become a hindrance in your facial beauty? Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila has a pore tightening solution for you!
Dermatologists have found that enlarged pores on skin are a result of various factors amongst which the top factor is oily skin. Women usually experience open pores on their face during their teenage years and the open pores skin continues till their 20s. The pores become enlarged and eventually, the clogged pores on the skin become quite prominent and visible big pores.

What are Treatments for large pores?

At Dermalase, Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan provides clogged pores treatment and open pores treatment that includes pore-tightening to remove open pores on the face. Being an expert in the field and being one unique large pores treatment skin expert in Islamabad, Dr. Shumaila also suggests that this condition of pores on the face also appears due to heredity factors. The laser therapy for large pores gives results of a clear and smooth skin. During the treatment, the area of skin having clogged pores on the face is exposed to laser light. This light is absorbed by little blood vessels and triggers fibroblasts. This restores collagen on face that makes it shiny and smooth for a glow effect.

Are there any side effects of the large pores treatment?

The procedure has a few side effects depending upon your skin type. For example, your skin might feel a bit itchy or there may appear slight redness over your skin. If any of these cases last for longer than you can bear, you must inform the Doctor. However, slight redness and itchiness is normal and may subside in a few days.

Experience the best pore-tightening treatment in Islamabad

If you are looking for pore tightening treatment in Islamabad then look no further. Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan is the best skin specialist for these types of treatments and other treatments like skin care, hair treatment, and other laser treatments. Head to Dermalase and book your appointments today!