Neck Lift

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Neck Lift and Nefertiti Lift Treatment in Islamabad

For effective facial rejuvenation, there is an increase in trend with a Nefertiti lift and facial contouring aesthetic treatment similar to that to achieve a more elegant looking face.

Expert at Dermalase are more than happy to serve you with the best equipment for any cosmetic treatment you wish to get. With the latest Nefertiti treatment, you can get your look aligned according to your requirements. For people who have a round neck or a short one, Nefertiti is the treatment to make them look elegant and make their overall appearance attractive.

What is Nefertiti lift treatment?

Nefertiti lift treatment is a type of aesthetic treatment used for an effective facial contour where jaw lines and necklines are defined for a tighter and more youthful look. It also involves lifting the neck area for a more enhanced facial rejuvenation experience.

In this treatment, multiple injections of Botulinum toxin (anti-wrinkle injection) are required to enhance the jawline and the part along the platysma muscle. This improves overall facial balance and gives a defined shape to the face. This also lifts the neck and creates a well-defined tone. The procedure is named after Queen Nefertiti who had a well-defined facial structure that is still considered a high beauty standard of today

Dr. Shumaila, the top Aesthetic Physician in Islamabad is very fond of performing Nefertiti treatment on her clients. She has years of experience in dermatology and aesthetic treatments including body contouring, facial contour and other treatments like skin and hair treatments.

Consult the best expert for your neck lift procedures

Nefertiti lift treatment is tricky and you should only get it done from an expert. Dr. Shumaila Kahn excels in facial and body contouring procedures and is the top skin expert in Islamabad.

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