Makeover Cosmetic Surgery

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Makeover Cosmetic Surgery in Islamabad

The most common makeover cosmetic surgeries include breast lift, nose surgery, tummy tuck, lip injections and breast augmentation and breast reduction. Aesthetic Physician often carry out multiple of these procedures in a single session.

According to our lead Skin Doctor, Dr. Shumaila, the top Aesthetic Physician in Islamabad, makeover cosmetic surgery has been found to have minimal complications as compared to the performance of each procedure individually. Some cosmetic surgery patients choose to go for breast implant surgery with tummy tuck while others combine these two with facelift and nose surgery.

How much time is required for any cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Shumaila is a board-certified Aesthetic Physician and has carried out dozens of makeover cosmetic surgeries, she has the capability to carry out this procedure in 5 to 6 hours.

Cosmetic surgery is mostly popular with women who have lost their body shape after having kids. many a times, due to busy routines and daily flow of events, it is very hard to maintain the body figure and stay in shape. Thus, cosmetic surgeries come into play. Through a cosmetic surgery, any women or even man can get into shape with just a few hours of cosmetic procedure and stay in a contoured body figure for a long time.

What is the recovery period for cosmetic surgery treatment?

The procedure needs about 10 days of recovery time. The plus point for patients with this cosmetic procedure is the only one recovery period, which means that you are only away from your job, professional commitments and home for a single stretch at a time. Moreover, the cost of makeover cosmetic surgery may also be lesser than if the procedures are performed individually.

Choose the best expert for your makeover cosmetic surgery

If you want to go for makeover cosmetic surgery including breast lift or simply want to check your candidacy for the procedure, book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now.