Skin Whitening

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Skin Whitening Treatment in Islamabad

People in this part of the world wish to get skin whitening treatment to look fair and young. Dr. Shumaila is the best Aesthetic Physician in Islamabad to get a skin whitening treatment. Several FDA-approved chemicals and pharmaceutical products have given amazing results in skin whitening. Dr. Shumaila uses only FDA-approved, safe chemicals, and products for skin whitening.

Do you Want a Skin Whitening Solution?

If you are unhappy about your dark or brown skin color or just want to get rid of unevenly colored areas of your skin, Dr. Shumaila and her team at the Dermalase in Islamabad can be of immense help. Our team of certified skincare experts will carry out a total examination of your skin condition and craft a treatment plan that would be ideal to whiten your skin. A majority of people coming from any race or background have an irregular skin color. Dr. Shumaila has handled a number of cases where wide areas of the skin look darker than usual. Over the course of her career, she has also handled hundreds of cases of grey, brown and freckled areas of patients’ skin, using very safe skin whitening techniques.

What skin whitening options are offered at Dermalase?

There are many options offered at Dermalase like:
  • Skin whitening injections
  • Face whitening using FDA approved chemicals
  • Full body whitening using standard pharmaceuticals products
The experts at Dermalase are professionals and come from many years of experience on body whitening, skin whitening treatments, whitening injections and many more options. Dr. Shumaila explicitly checks for each case and performs sensitive procedures on her own.

Are there any Expert advice on Skin Whitening treatments?

According to Dr. Shumaila, these types of skin disorders are normally not a health threat, but should be examined and if required, treated intermittently. At Dermalase, a wide range of treatment options are available to whiten, brighten and lighten the skin to decrease its uneven look. Pharmaceutical products and chemical skin peels are often used, but Dr. Shumaila comes up with a need-based, individual skin whitening plan for every patient.

Find the best expert for skin whitening and discover a new YOU

Want to know more about skin whitening? Book an appointment with Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila now. Dermalase is a place where you get all the satisfactory skin whitening treatments in Islamabad, Pakistan.