Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Acne and Acne Scar Treatment in Islamabad

Acne is a common issue, especially the scars which require acne treatments quite often. Everyone experiences it at some point of their lives and Acne scar treatment is important for the skin to stay fresh and healthy. Acne includes whiteheads and pimples or blackheads that make the overall face appear dull. Excessive bacteria residing under skin which get trapped in clogged pores results in Acne. A normal Acne problem affects face, neck area, chest and even back and shoulders that require decent Acne treatment.

How is Acne caused?

Patients should understand that the causes of acne and acne scar pertain to the hormonal and physical changes young men and women experience while growing from childhood to puberty. Scientific studies suggest that the hormones responsible for physical growth also trigger the oil glands of the skin to generate more oil, especially androgens. Acne victims’ skin cells shed and gum together even more, mixing with the increased amount of oil on the skin and corking the gap of the follicle. The follicles then swell up with the oil, triggering acne followed by acne scar.
Acne is also prompted by a skin bacterium called P. acne. In some people, this bacteria starts to grow swiftly in the already swollen hair follicle, producing substances that can lead to burning sensation on the skin. At times, the follicle walls explode, spreading inflammation to the adjacent skin. This is how acne turns from blackheads to pimples and nodules.

What are different Types of Acne?

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan performs Acne treatment like a true professional. Acne has four types of severity: Mild acne, Moderate acne, moderately severe acne, and severe acne. First, the type of acne is diagnosed, whether the issue is Whiteheads, Blackheads, Papules, Pustules, Cysts, and Nodules and then relevant Acne treatment is provided according to the type of acne problem.

How is Laser used to treat Acne?

Laser is used to treat acne and pimple in many ways. Following is a list of laser treatment options for Acne treatment:

  • Blue + red light devices: these devices can be used at home, however they only treat pimples and not blackheads, acne cysts or nodules.
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT): this is a therapy in which a solution is applied to the skin to make it more sensitive to acne and then laser or a light device is used to treat the skin. This helps in treating severe acne.
  • Photopneumatic therapy: This treatment includes combining intense pulsed light (IPL) laser with a gentle vacuum. Excess oil and dirt is removed from skin to minimize the chances of more pimples. It is effective against blackheads.

Know the Acne causes before your treatment

There can be a number of reasons why you have acne. One common reason is a hormonal shift, another reason is Stress. Sometimes a type of Medication also causes acne on the skin, your daily diet and types of cosmetics used on the skin all play a role in Acne on the body for which you need acne scar treatment. Consult Skin Expert Dr. Shumaila Khan to get the best experience for all your acne scar treatments in Islamabad.

If you have not seen and experienced good results from acne products you’ve already used, it is high time to make an appointment with skin expert Dr. Shumaila, who will come up with the best treatment options for you after a thorough examination.