Double Chin Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Double Chin Treatment in Islamabad

As beauty trends emerge in the modern era, double chin treatment still holds a position in facial contouring treatments of today. Due to high levels of obesity, people are always in search of double chin removal methods and latest double chin reduction mechanisms in order to get rid of double chin.

With only a slight level of double chin, the overall impression of body looks heavy. Hence, a double chin reduction treatment is necessary for a smooth contoured body effect.

Dr. Shumaila has a huge experience with facial contouring treatments on clients. Not only women, but men are also in need of reducing their double chin. Dr. Shumaila has qualified from Cardiff, UK to become the best dermatologist in Islamabad. She has thousands of patients all over Pakistan who have got their facial and body contouring procedures

How to get rid of double chin at Dermalase?

After you book your appointment, Dr. Shumaila will first hold a consultation session. Depending upon your case for double chin, you will be given a non-surgical double chin reduction procedure. You might feel some numbness or pain initially, but that would be controlled with over the counter treatments. The overall procedure is entirely safe and without major side effects. There are many ways to lose double chin like excesses such as Straight jaw jut, Ball exercise, Pucker up, Tongue stretch, Neck stretch, Bottom jaw jut etc. all this excesses target reduction of double chin. But for people who have a huge double chin that just won’t go away, double chin treatment is the solution

Select the best expert for a reduced double chin

Do you want to know how to reduce double chin? Or have you been in search for how to lose double chin lately? Dermalase has all what you need.

With non-invasive and non-surgical procedures, you can get rid of double chin in no time. Head to Dermalase for an appointment today!