Jawline Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Jawline Treatment in Islamabad

Are you in search of an Aesthetic Physician who can carry out your jawline treatment that enhances your facial features? Dr. Shumaila Khan is the expert  for you.

What does jawline filler do?

Jawline Fillers are the next level thing in facial contouring.  It is a non-invasive method of providing the right kind of jawline required by the clients.  With a jawline injections treatment method,  you get increased volume in your jawline area for an enhanced effect, a more defined neck shape that lift your overall posture and you can also ask for a slimmer jawline that makes you look smarter.

Following is a list of a few most popular jawline injectable and jawline fillers for Jawline Enhancement:

  •         RESTYLANE® LYFT: it is hyaluronic acid (HA) filler and is very effective in anti-aging procedures.  It helps in facial contouring and defining various areas of the face. The process is reversible and they can be easily reversed with the help of a dissolving injection.
  •         JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC: It is pure dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid (HA). It is used to naturally add a fine definition to the jawline.
  •         SCULPTRA® AESTHETIC: in this process, poly-L-lactic acid is used which is a biocompatible synthetic material. It helps to simulate naturally occurring collagen into the body for progressive results.

What is the best non-surgical jawline contouring treatment?

A non-surgical jawline contouring treatment has gained much popularity in the past years. Thanks to modern-day injectables, now celebrities and clients can enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing jawline. Treatments such as hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are used to enhance jawline. In addition to this, there are treatments like Jawline Slimming, Jowl Reduction Using Jawline Fillers, Chin Augmentation and other such treatments are non-surgical procedures of facial contouring

What is the best place to get a Jawline treatment?

To get a jawline treatment, it is best to look at the reputation of the clinic. A good Aesthetic Physician must be approached for such a treatment because it is still a relatively new method of treating jawline. For jawline treatments, there is no one solution that fits all to attain the right jawline. The treatment combinations depend on a person’s anatomy. Treatments such as Kybella dissolve excessive fat in the facial areas and thus address double chin-related issues. The dermal filler may add volume to that already low muscle formation, thereby adding a distinct jaw edge.

How long does a typical jawline treatment take?

It is not a lengthy procedure and takes about only 40 minutes. However, if you wish to get another few treatments like V-neck or other facial contouring treatments alongside the jawline treatment then it might take up to an hour. The results last more than a year, in some people’s cases, it might last up to 2+ years.

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