Hair Loss Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Hair Loss Treatment in Islamabad

Fed up with your hair loss problems? Skin Specialist Dr. Shumaila has the best hair loss treatment for you. At Dermalase, Experts follow various methods to perform hair loss treatments and PRP for hair loss. Hair fall treatment is common in women but due to increasing pollution outdoors, men have also been opting for this treatment since past many years for their hair loss cure. There can be many biological reasons for a person experiencing hairloss. For women, childbirth is an important reason. Another Factor suggested by Dr. Shumaila is the level of care you give to your hair.

What are a few reasons for hair loss?

  • Pregnancy: Women may experience hair loss after giving birth or during pregnancy.
  • Stress: people under stress having also been noted to undergo extensive hair loss.
  • Medicine reactions: The use of some medicines and some diseases are also held responsible for hair loss in both men and women.
  • Hair Care routine: According to Dr. Shumaila, the way you care for and style your hair can also trigger hair loss.

What are a few Hair Loss types?

Dr. Shumaila, the best skin specialist in Islamabad, suggests there are four types of hair loss reasons for which a hair loss solution is devised:

  1. Hair loss due to genetics
  2. Androgenic alopecia
  3. Male-pattern baldness
  4. Female-pattern baldness

Experts suggest that amongst females, hair loss is majorly due to emotional and social pain or any type of work pressure that leads to stress and anxiety. Hence female hair loss treatment is in demand. Whatever the case, Skin Specialist Dr. Shumaila can cure your hair loss issues and suggest the best hair loss treatment for females within no time so you can walk with confidence and feel happy about yourself.

What information is needed before going through hair loss treatment?

The treatment for hair loss differs by type; therefore, you should immediately consult with our senior hair doctors to diagnose your hair loss type and immediately start treatment. If you are a female and experiencing hair loss, there is nothing to worry about because female-pattern hair loss is considered to be highly common and highly treatable.

Head to Dermalase for an expert hair care treatment

For an efficient and promising hair loss treatment in Islamabad, Dermalase is the best place to go. For a treatment like hair loss treatment, it is advisable never to compromise with a substandard treatment method. Consult with the best skin specialist in Islamabad, Dr. Shumaila for the diagnosis of your hair loss solution and book your appointment today!