Stretch Mark Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Stretch Mark Treatment in Islamabad

Stretch mark treatments are an effective way to diminish most common stretch marks especially during or after pregnancy that just never go away. Thanks to experts at Dermalase who can effectively remove stretch marks with the latest stretch mark removal techniques.
Stretch marks are normal but it is not necessary that you have to live with them. You can get them removed for a clean and flawless skin from a skilled dermatologist. Laser stretch mark treatment from Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan is a modern non-surgical procedure in which the skin can be reduced back to its natural tone.

What are stretch mark removal options?

Lead Aesthetic Physician at Dermalase, Dr. Shumaila Khan is always ready to provide you best support for removing stretch marks or striae from your skin no matter how deep rooted they are. Techniques like laser stretch mark removal are very effective against removing stretch marks or striae that can be a result of Pregnancy, Hormonal changes, Puberty and Weight change.

How long the Stretch mark removal treatment takes?

The stretch mark removal treatment typically lasts for 20 – 30 minutes. The results of the procedure are long lasting and you won’t have to come to the doctor again for another session for the stretch marks that are removed once. The procedure is a conformable experience. However, depending upon your skin type and the type of stretch marks, you might feel feeble pain in the treatment area.

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan is an expert in the field of skincare and dermatology. She is the top-listed skin expert in Islamabad, Pakistan. Not only does she diagnose the problem faced by clients first but also examines the severity and explains the possible options to go for.

Know where to get your stretch marks fixed for good

Stretch mark treatment can be tricky since the marks do not go away naturally. If you are in search of stretch marks removal treatment, head to Dermalase today and book your appointment with your own Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan. Do not miss the chance to get treated from the best skin expert in Islamabad.