Macrolane Injection

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Macrolane Injection in Islamabad

Used extensively for breast augmentation, Macrolane injection is a non-invasive option to enlarge your breasts and other parts of the body, including buttocks and calves. Dr. Shumaila is an expert in Macrolane injection treatments and has many happy customers who are highly satisfied with Dr. Shumaila and her team of experts

What is Macrolane Injection?

Macrolane injection is the first of its kind hyaluronic acid technique to shape the contour of the breasts and other body parts. This Q-MED technology is very different from facial fillers in that it is every thicker gel developed to offer sustainable and result-oriented body shaping to achieve breast enlargement and breast reshaping

Through a Macro lane Injection, you are able to get your boys in shape and stay in shape. A local anesthesia is given to the patient. In this way, the patient remains awake and comfortable while the procedure is carried out. It is a 30 to f40 minute procedure which requires injecting the substance into the skin. For optimal results, yearly procedures are required to stay in shape. however, the results appear immediately in the days following the treatment.

Discover the procedure of breast enlargement with Macro lane Injection

Under the procedure, an expert Aesthetic Physician will inject the macro lane gel via a cannula. Where breast augmentation is involved, the cannula will be injected under the breasts to increase breast size. During the processing of injecting the Macrolane for breast implants or silicone implants, the skin expert will put it into the desired shape. Macrolane injection takes 30-40 minutes to complete. It further facilitates natural breast growth for breast increase and a contoured-looking body.

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