Gummy Smile Correction

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A high smile line correction is needed to get the perfect smile if there is an issue with your lip structure. If you have a gummy smile and wish to know how it is corrected, you are at the right page!

What causes gummy smile?

There are a couple of things that cause gummy smile problem: • The gums: when the problem lies with the gums, the gum tissues often protrude farther than normal. Resulting in a gummy smile. • The teeth: often the size and shape of teeth gives the person a gummy smile. In this cause, the teeth appear to be hidden resulting in gums being visible more than they should. • Jawline: the vertical position of jawline can give the appearance of a gummy smile. • Lips: the lips that are too short give the impression of a gummy smile.

What is gummy smile correction?

A gummy smile correction is performed to achieve a healthy smile where the teeth and lips are balanced when a person smiles. A gummy smile results in gums appearing more over the teeth resulting in teeth looking smaller than usual. As a rule of thumb, if the gums are extended more than 1/8th of an inch, the smile is considered gummy and might require short upper lip correction, gum recontouring, short upper lip correction and laser gum recontouring.

How are gummy smiles treated?

Gummy smile are treated with the following treatments:

Lip repositioning: this includes treatments like short upper lip correction, non-surgical face and a non-surgical treatment for gummy smile correction

Laser Treatment: this involves laser to fix gum tissues. This includes treatment like facial gum contour.

Braces: with this approach, the person’s teeth positioning can be fixed resulting in a healthier smile.

Surgery: through surgery gum and bones have to be sculpted for a corrected gummy smile effect.



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