Dermal Fillers Treatment

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila Khan

Dermal Fillers Treatment in Islamabad

If you are in search for a treatment that enhances your facial features, Dermal Fillers Treatment is for you. At Dermalase, you will find skilled professionals for dermal fillers treatment. This is one of the most famous anti-wrinkle treatments for people who wish to stay young and get rid of aging lines.

How does dermal filler work?

Filler injections gently plump the skin and lift up the area to replace naturally lost collagen. This gives immediate results. They also make the skin produce more collagen in order to keep the skin smooth and natural looking.

The most common areas on face to be treated with dermal fillers are:

  • the nasolabial folds, which are the Nose to mouth lines
  • the glabella lines, which are the fine lines between the eyebrows
  • The lips. Dermal fillers add more volume and shape to lips

Aesthetic Physician Dr. Shumaila is the best skin specialist in Islamabad and is an expert in the field of aesthetic treatment as well as well-versed with dermal filler injections. Dr. Shumaila herself handles the fillers injections with care. She has many happy clients which have experienced long-lasting results.

Not only Dr. Shumaila is well-versed with the work, she also has a soft nature to deal with the clients in a soft and patient manner. She is a foreign qualified skin expert and is the best in her field in all of Islamabad

Discover the best dermal filler treatment provider in Islamabad

Dermal fillers are most common with celebrities or vloggers who face the camera every now and then. Hence, the treatment has become very common globally and even

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