Cheek Implant

Cheek Implant

Well-defined and complete cheeks are emblems of beauty and youthfulness; however, age brings sagginess to the cheeks and gives you sunken-in appearance. This happens because with the passage of time, your cheeks loose fat and become saggy. Even though some people are born with high cheekbones, getting the appearance of full cheeks can be done via cheek implant.

Cheek implant is one of the trendy options to restore your facial appearance in a more permanent way. Cheek implants are good for people who desire to add more volume to their cheeks. As is said, beauty may only be skin deep, yet, for hundreds of years, full and completely defined facial features have remained at the core of beauty. Cheek implant is just a mean to that end. Possessing prominent cheeks can enhance your self-esteem and consequently your quality of life.

The good news is that innovations in technology have introduced cutting edge methods, including cheek implant; to permanently put your cheeks right and make them glow. Dr. Shumaila’s expertise in cheek implant can give you a more vivacious and striking appearance. Our check implant offer is also for people with asymmetrical or congenital flaws.

According to Dr. Shumaila, a board certified dermatologist, cheek implants can improve the mid-facial outline in people aged 37 to 52 years. The procedure can also reinstate saggy mid-facial soft tissues and as a result delaying the need for a face lift surgery.

Our lead dermatologist and skin specialist, Dr. Shumaila, comes with years of experience in cheek implant. She personally performs the procedure on each and every patient. Having treated several dozens of patients, she recommends cheek implant for patients who want to revitalize their facial appearance.

Thinking whether you are a good candidate for cheek implant? Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila today to discuss you candidacy and expectations.