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Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad

Skin pigmentation is a universal issue. The problem of skin pigmentation on the face typically occurs more with people having light skin tone. The major cause is going out in the sun without skin protection, hence pigmentation on the face appears. If you are facing any melanin skin issues, the experts at Dermalase are there to help. Dermatologist Dr. Shumaila is an expert in all kinds of skin pigmentation treatment options.

Get effective Laser Pigmentation Treatment at Dermalase

For effective skin rejuvenation, the best treatment for pigmentation on face is a laser treatment for pigmentation which includes benefits like skin-lightening and lip pigmentation treatment. Dr. Shumaila has a proven record of curing patients with pigmentation issues. She uses laser for pigmentation and applies hyperpigmentation laser treatment for the treatment for pigmentation on face. pigmentation removal techniques are applied to get rid of unwanted skin problems for an effective skin pigmentation treatment.

What are a few options for pigmentation treatments?

There are a number of skin pigmentation treatments offered at Dermalase
  • Use of topical hydroquinone or retinol for pigmentation on face.
  • Chemical peels using salicylic acid and glycolic acid coupled with topical treatments.
  • Use of Q-switched lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) apparatuses
  • Tropical therapies in targeted areas.
  • Treatment with lasers and IPL devices to eliminate skin pigmentation issues.

Why choose Dermalase for Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

As the initial option, the most common pigmentation treatment is the use of topical hydroquinone or retinol. However, when it fails, chemical peels using salicylic acid and glycolic acid may be employed coupled with topical treatments. Other options for pigmentation treatment include the use of Q-switched lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) apparatuses. This may also be combined with topical therapies in targeted areas. At the Dermalase, Dermatologist Dr. Shumaila uses lasers and IPL devices herself with greater care and to ensure patients safety.

Head to Dermalase for an effective skincare treatment

Since treating pigmentation problems can be challenging, Dr. Shumaila, the leading Skin Expert in Islamabad pays greater attention to diagnosing the fundamental cause of the pigmentation problem, after which she carefully recommends an effective regimen. She has so far treated hundreds of people with skin pigmentation problems through customized solutions with greater success. Dermatologist Dr. Shumaila Khan is one of a kind in skin treatment especially for each skin pigmentation treatment. She diagnoses skin issues well before the treatment starts. Get Started with Dr. Shumaila treatments for all your skin pigmentation problems. You will be more than happy with your glowing and shiny skin after the treatments.