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Is your skin whitening product cheap? Beware!

Substandard and cheap skin whitening medicines and products has topped the list of counterfeited products available in the market today. Such medicines and products have adversely affected a large number of men and women, but a majority of the victims do not want to disclose it because of the fear of likely embarrassment.

You can see a large hotchpotch of substandard skin whitening products in drug stores, especially in small and unbranded neighborhood medical stores. Capitalizing on the needs of people, manufacturers of such products have even taken sales to the Internet, whereby they promise to make your skin white within weeks with the use of their cheap cream. Therefore, it’s time to beware of cheap and substandard skin whitening products.

It is worth mentioning here that the business of skin whitening products is a multi-billion-dollar industry now. Manufacturers, companies and vendors are equally trying to shove the impression that beauty means having white skin and turning your dark skin into white skin overnight is effortlessly doable, desirable and inexpensive. Even though you may have the desire to appear white, yet to fulfill it, it is highly recommended to avoid cheap and substandard skin whitening medicines and products.

You need to understand that just like eye and hair color, your natural skin color is also determined by the concentration of melanin found in your skin’s outer layer. Now, anti-melanin skin whitening products have also hit the market with horrific results. Melanin is naturally generated by the human body to shield against potential, sun-induced damages to the DNA. However, the use of cheap and substandard medicines reduces the amount of melanin in your skin, consequently increasing your risk of skin cancer.

In a country like Pakistan, relationship makes and breaks stand to a higher degree on skin color. This is forcing people to make some investment in skin whitening medicines and products. This increasing demand has led manufacturers to come up with substandard and cheap products to achieve a higher hand. We see advertisement of dozens of such products and medicines on our televisions everyday.

Clinical examinations have found presence of hazardous chemicals in cheap skin whitening creams and products, including mercury and hydroquinone. These chemicals can lead to severe skin irritation and irregular color-change. Moreover, mercury can even trigger skin pigmentation besides causing chronic and inflamed rashes. The FDA and other western countries have banned skin products containing mercury and hydroquinone. If your skin whitening cream turns dark upon exposure, it’s dangerous and substandard and it’s time to do away with it.

Pakistan’s skin whitening products’ market is also laden with products and medicines containing steroids. Such products promise fair skin within weeks. If you have fallen prey for such a trap, it’s time to rethink you decision. You may notice change in color of your skin with the use of such products, but it is not going to remain forever because your skin color will finally start fading at an uncontrollable rate. Products containing steroids are extremely dangerous for your skin in the long run. Steroid-induced skin damages are life threatening, forever and can leave you in an emotional and psychological trauma.

So, it is time to rethink your use of substandard and cheap skin whitening medicines and products. You have the right to appear as you desire, but risking your appearance and aesthetics for a few bucks does not justify your decision. Dr. Shumaila Khan is a trusted dermatological service provider in Islamabad, Pakistan, who uses proven, and safe products and medicines to enhance the appearance of your skin.

Instead of going for over-the-counter substandard products, you should prefer to go to a board certified dermatologist because they specialize in skin treatments and can provide your valuable advice for administration of prescribed skin whitening products and medicines.

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