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Top 10 Tips for Hair Management in Winter Season

Just like the winter ravages the skin, it does the same to hair as well. As a matter of fact, change in temperature can cause a lot damage to hair, especially if not treated properly. When the winter hits we tend to keep the insides of our houses warm, but in the process we produce an environment which causes the hair to become dry, brittle and accumulate static current.

In the absence of a balanced diet and harsh chemical usage, the damage done to the hair increases tenfold. Therefore, preventive measures are extremely necessary to make sure such a mistake doesn’t happen. The following are Top 10 tips to keep hair healthy during the winter season.

Regular Trimming – To keep the hair healthy, start out early. In late autumn give the hair a trim and a deep condition treatment. This will kick start the growth in the hair before the winter begins.

Alternate Conditioners – Changing treatments of the hair is essential to hair care. Use extra moisturizing and deep cleansing conditioners with breaks in between. Choose conditioners with rare nutrients as well.

Terminate Chemical Usage – Direct applications of chemical usage, or even alcohol or spraying it on the hair can further increase damage. It will destroy the upper layer of the hair and the skin and nutrients and the shine of the hair will be lost.

Cover Up – During the winter season try to cover up the hair as much as possible. It would be in fashion so one will have plenty of head material options.

Weekly Deep Conditioning – Deep conditioning is essential to getting a good look and specifically preventing brittleness. Salons can do the trick, but so can a few extra minutes in the shower. Just remember to choose a hair product from avocado, olive oil, and shea butter. However, in case you have thick, curly, or extremely damaged hair the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment is high advisable.

Set Cuticles – Generally, dry hair does cause the cuticles to rise. Remember to finish the showers with a cold water rinse.

Serum Usage – Serum usage is far too helpful to be ignored. It provides a protective layer against cold weather. It is also used before blow drying the hair and always remember to drab the hair rather than driving.

Get Consultancy before using Heat Protector – Heat protector should always be used before applying heat to hair. However, ask a local consultant to check for allergies and advise the best heat protector.

Nutrition is Foundation – The cornerstone to a healthy hair in winter lies in greater awareness from our top brands as well as choosing good nutritional lists. On the list are vitamins like A, C, E, and different B vitamins that are supposedly help to improve the way your hair are.

Check the Scalp – Most people forget about changing and checking the scalp regularly. If the skin is dandruff, etc. free then it would obviously mean that the hair will be healthy.

“Flaky scalp and dandruff has become a common problem these days, which also leads towards hair loss. Diet plays an important role in keeping the hair healthy. It is important to remove the quickly accumulating dead skin and exfoliate it,” said Skin Dermatologist Specialist Dr. Shumaila Khan in a recent interview.

Dr. Shumaila Khan further added that one should keep a balanced diet and use home-made remedies and balanced diets to keep the hair healthy during winter.