Summers Diet for Healthy Skin and Hair

As our lives get faster we rarely get time to take care of ourselves. Due to which we begin to age very quickly and our body starts deteriorating. Commonly most of us spend a fortune on chemical-intensive products, which don’t even produce the desired results. Although some of the products on the market do produce good results, there are a lot of foods which can help you regain your rejuvenate your skin and restore your hair to their former black glory.

Let’s take a look:


Blueberry for skin

Blueberries for skin

These low-profile berries were ranked as the best antioxidant by recent studies, compared to other 40 common vegetables and fruits. These berries greatly help you avoid any sort of premature aging, so add half a cup of these little guys to your yoghurt or to your diet as a whole, and consume every day.


Cocoa beans

Cocoa beans and chocolate for skin

The cocoa, commonly found in chocolate, hydrates your skin making it supple and firmer. Also, dark chocolate contains a great amount of flavonols (it is a very potent type of antioxidant). A couple of squares of chocolate every day can make your skin glow and reduce skin puffiness.


Walnuts for skin and hair

Walnuts for skin and hair

You don’t need walnuts by the pound to enjoy the plethora of their benefits i.e. brighter eyes, stronger bones, smoother skins and healthy bouncing hair. Getting your daily dose of these nuts will enrich you with omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E, improving your outlook greatly. The best part, you can add them to your chicken or throw them into your salad for a tasty addition.


Salmon fish for skin and hair

Salmon fish for skin and hair

Salmons are like the complete package for skin and hair. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, this fish can greatly help you achieve a better shine. Now the human body is unable to make these fats, so you have to get them from supplements or food. The bonus part, these salmon can help protect you from a lot of diseases. So make sure to add the fish to your diet and be a younger better you.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt for hair

Greek yogurt for hair

Packed with building blocks for your hair, Greek Yoghurt features ingredients which can help you stimulate the increased blood flow to your scalp and increase hair growth. With the help of ingredient known as Vitamin B5 (aka pantothenic acid), Greek Yoghurt can get your locks long and strong in no time as well as help in the fight against hair loss and hair thinning. You may also recognize Vitamin B5 from a majority of your skincare and hair care products.

These are just some of the miracle workers which can greatly help you with your skin and hair related issues. Make sure to incorporate these into your diet and you’ll never have to spend a fortune on chemical based products. By making just a few changes to your diet, you can undo the harsh effects of life apparent on your body. Who says you can’t eat healthy and look your best? You can. Just add these to your shopping list and witness the miracle that is nature, in helping restore your skin and hair.

So if you want to know more about healthy food to incorporate in your diet, book an appointment with senior DermatologistConsultant Cosmetologist  Dr. Shumaila Khan and start off on your journey to a better healthier you.