Cheap Whitening Creams and How They Harm Your Skin

Skin whitening products have been around for a very long time and are commonly advertised as a hassle-free way to get rid of blemishes and dark spots. They grew in popularity more recently when famous stars appear to have gotten lighter over a specific time period, and it’s not like these guys deny the usage. However you label them, skin whiteners, lightening creams or dark spot remover, they can still land you in a lot of skin related trouble if these products are applied improperly or without any dermatological consultation.

A lot of the creams sold in the market are a very dangerous combination of chemical compounds such as steroids, hydroquinone, which can cause permanent pigmentation, liver damage, mercury poisoning as well as skin cancer amongst many others. Although, a lot of fairness companies are thriving in the country, these hazardous side effects are shrouded in thick clouds of mystery and the awareness of these effects is very low.

Many experts have revealed that a lot of these products contain potent doses of these harmful chemicals. Over the past couple of years, many cheap skin whitening creams have been introduced into the market, which only focus on whitening the skin without paying any attention to the harmful side-effects. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly experienced side effects of the cheap skin whitening creams.

Skin Thinning

Most of the cheap skin creams heavily feature such compounds which can cause skin to thin at the area of application. While it is a problem in its own, waxing the areas with thin skin could be extremely dangerous as the skin could also be removed along with the wax.

Dry Skin

The combination of ingredients in these cheap creams can leave your skin devastated beyond repair. A lot of cases have been reported where the cream users have started experiencing unnatural dry patches of skin. Also, with excessive skin dryness comes irritation which can have you scratching your skin like a crazed drug addict.


While most of these cheap whitening creams are capable of producing your desired skin whiteness, their side-effects including horrible acne which can disfigure your appearance more than it was before. Even the natural acne could leave troublesome marks on your skin, so just imagine what these chemically induced acne would do?


Most of these cheap skin whitening creams commonly include such ingredients, which are usually regarded as poison. So imagine what your body will go through when this stuff (which you would never ingest by mouth) is absorbed into your body. Cancer, that’s right. Along with that you could also fall a victim to osteoporosis along with inhibited capabilities of healing of the wounds.

These are just some of the major issues you can face, so make sure that instead of these highly dangerous products, you make use of natural products heavily reliant on natural products. Although beauty is important, health takes precedence over everything. There is no use achieving one at the expense of the other.

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