Skin Specialist in Islamabad

Name: Dr. Shumaila Khan

Profession: Skin Specialist, Dermatologist & Consultant Cosmetologist

Certification: post-graduation in Dermatology from Wales (Cardiff) UK

Dermatologist, Consultant Cosmetologist & Skin Specialist Dr. Shumaila Khan

Suffering from dermatological problem is a pain for every patient, and the lead doctor at Dermalase knows this very well. Dr. Shumaila Khan, the best dermatologist & Skin Specialist in Islamabad, has come out to be a hope for patients suffering from almost any kind of aesthetic problems. She would ask you a range of questions upon your first appointment in a bid to dig out your actual medical condition and then come up with suitable treatment options that would exceed your expectations to make you really smile.

An oracle in the field of dermatology, Consultant Cosmetologist Dr. Shumaila Khan comes with an exemplary blend of education and expertise in aesthetic practices. Having done her post-graduation in Dermatology from Wales (Cardiff) UK, she is serving as a board certified dermatologist of the United States’ pioneer and largest institute in aesthetic medicine, the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also a permanent member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). In Pakistan, Dr. Shumaila has undergone extensive training under the country’s expert dermatologists at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to become the best dermatologist in Islamabad.

Dermatologist & Consultant Cosmetologist Dr. Shumaila’s inspiring story does not end here. Besides being an authority specialist in dermatology, she is a successful entrepreneur who has established Dr. Shumaila’s Dermalase the Aesthetic Skincare Clinic in the heart of Islamabad and is effectively running and managing the enterprise with the aim to serve her clients to the point of delighting them with her range of skin care & dermatological services. Skin expert Dr. Shumaila, a successful skin specialist and laser doctor based in Islamabad, strongly believes in innovation and embraces technological changes with an open heart. This is why she has equipped her Dermalase Clinic with latest technologies and machines for both dermatological problems, including skin and diseases, and aesthetically undesirable features.

Leading Skin Specialist Dermatologist Dr. Shumaila Khan is assisted in delivering dermatology services in Islamabad by a team of expert doctors & technicians, who, like her, come with hands on experience in the use of sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology for the treatment of Aesthetic & dermatological problems. Dr. Shumaila believes in ultimate satisfaction and delight of her clients; therefore, she personally leads all kinds of clinical interventions, either surgical or non-surgical, in a comfortable clinical environment where privacy comes first. She makes sure that her clients receive individual attention. At Dermalase, FDA approved chemicals, procedures; techniques and advance technology are used for delivery of each service, including Hydra Facials, Revlite treatment, and anti ageing and whitening facials.

Over the long haul, we have gained the trust of clients who come from diverse backgrounds. Our professionalism, dedication and facilities have attracted clients from almost every industry. Our quality service has enabled us to establish long term relationship with clients like politicians, media persons and celebrities. Our focus on privacy for patients, provision of ample car parking space and investment in best machines and DFA approved procedures has taken our clinic to new heights.

Besides being a competent professional, Dr. Shumaila is a very kind and amiable human being. She carefully listens and fully exhibits her friendly personality traits with each one of her patients. To achieve the clinic’s goal of delivering total quality service, she sincerely offers and explains all treatment options to her patients. Skin Specialist Dr. Shumaila Khan is completely aware that her clients have emotional expectations attached with each of the treatment choices she offers; therefore, she compassionately explains each option with great attention to detail. All other doctors at Dermalase share wisdom of profound concern for every client and a dedication to unmatched care.