Thread Lifting Treatment

Thread Lifting Treatment

If you are looking for lifting eye brows, cheeks, jawline and neck, thread face lift is a quick solution. Not many dermatologists in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are offering the thread lifting cosmetic surgery.

Thread lifting is mild facelift procedure that reduces sagging caused by aging. In the thread-lift, also known as the feather lift very fine sutures hold the soft facial tissues tight and lift the sagging skin up. There is no skin cutting, no knifes used to insert sutures into the skin. It’s completely safe. This skin treatment rejuvenates the skin and makes one look more young and youthful. Dr. Shumaila Khan, an industry expert, is one of the few dermatologists offering this sensitive treatment at her clinic Dermalase in Islamabad. FDA approved threads and products are used for patients undergoing the treatment at Dermalase. All health and safety standards are well taken care off.

As we age, effects of gravity become more obvious and the skin begins to show the impact making one look old. The soft tissues lose elasticity as we age and become less supple. The supporting cheek tissues become weak, the facial fat is lost, the lower face becomes flabby, the jawline jowls, and edges of the mouth drift downwards. People in their mid- thirties to fifties are recommended to have this treatment, for people concerned with their facial features specifically; A thread lift is a more lasting cosmetic solution.

The benefits of a thread lift last long. The facial features remain lifted for a longer period of time. Routine visits to dermatologist are, however, recommended. Since the aging cycle continues with the passage of time and collagen continues to build inside the skin, a repeat procedure is recommended early on i.e. between 3 months of the first procedure. If a repeat procedure is taken the effects may even last for over 3 years. The threads remain under the skin forever as they are un-absorbable. The patients can have a full face lift in the future if the skin continues to droop more with aging.

Unlike the traditional facelift, a thread-lift is more convenient, lesser time consuming, less painful and the patient recovers quickly. No skin is cut during the procedure. It is done with localized numbing on the desired area and the recovery is quick. This treatment, however, does not completely compromise the need of having a traditional facelift.

Dr. Shumaila Khan has hands-on experience in this thread-lifting treatment and is currently providing the best thread lifting services in Islamabad. She recommends other cosmetic solutions such as Botox in addition to thread lifting for a lasting effect.

It has been observed by the dermatologists through-out the world, that no single treatment can be a best fit for a patient. A combination of different cosmetic procedures can make a good solution for which the experience of the dermatologist really matters.

If you have any concerns about your drooping skin and wish to undergo this treatment for a younger looking youthful face, feel free to book an appointment with the best dermatologist in town Dr. Shumaila Khan today.