Strip Hair Transplant

Strip Hair Transplant

Dermatologists consider strip hair transplant to be the best option when the patient needs many hair follicles on a single occasion.  At Dermalse, we go a long way to plan your strip hair transplant to give you the best we can without any doubt. Our team, led by board certified dermatologists Dr. Shumaila, draws the silhouette of your hairline and discourses our approach to the hair follicles to be disseminated.

During the strip hair transplant, we first shave a small area at the rear of your head, tap up the hair in the back and then pull the outline of the fragment of skin to get you the hair follicles for the next stage of the transplantation process. In the next stage, local anesthetic is applied on the area to be treated followed by removal of the skin strip. At the same time, our team of experts examines and divides the skin strip under a microscope.

While our senior team of hair specialist proceeds with the transplantation, you mostly sleep in the comfort of our clinic. Small incisions will be performed on your scalp and hair grafts fixed into place. The process consumes much time and effort and necessitates the services of a complete team of surgical associates.

At the end of the strip hair transplant procedure, the treated area will be completely cleaned and minor corrections will be made to ensure total quality service provision. A protective bandage will then be placed on your head and you would be required to wear it the night ahead.

What differentiates strip hair transplant from FUE hair transplant is the way hair cells are obtained from the donor area.

Dr. Shumaila specializes in a variety of hair transplant procedures, including strip hair transplant and FUE hair transplant. She is a board certified dermatologists and has so far carried out dozens of strip hair transplants successfully.