Skin Infections

Skin Infections

One of the fundamental reasons for your skin’s existence is to defend you from germs; however, sometimes the skin itself gets attacked by germs, necessitating the need for dermatological consultation with a board certified dermatologist.

Some common types of skin infections include:

  • Viral – Viral skin infections can emerge in the form of warts, simplex, shingles and herpes
  • Parasitic – Parasitic skin infections symptoms include head and body lice besides scabies.
  • Bacterial – Bacterial skin infections often come in the form of impetigo and cellulitis.
  • Fungal – Fungal infections include yeast infections and athlete’s foot

Other types of skin infections also exist, but treatment always depends on the cause and type of skin infection, which can best be determined by a skilled dermatologist.

There is high probability for anyone to contract skin infection; however, some people are more vulnerable to skin infections than others, including:

  • People having frequent skin contact with already infected person
  • People who have bare scrapes or cuts on their skin
  • People who spend time in crowded surroundings, such as athletic areas, schools, daycare centres, military barracks etc.
  • People who have bad hygiene
  • People who share clothing’s or towels and other daily use products

Dr. Shumaila recommends the following measures to ward off skin infections in the first place:

  • Always wash your hands with water and soap
  • Always keep scrapes or cuts on your skin clean and covered
  • Do not touch other peoples’cuts or bandages
  • Avoid sharing personal items/products with others, such as razor, towels etc.

If you have any of the symptoms of skin infections, you should go for a consultation with Dr. Shumaila immediately. Your treatment depends on diagnosis of you skin infection.