Skin Care Treatment

Skin Care Treatment

The wide range of skin care products available on the dermatology market coupled with the highly acclaimed outcomes can be prolific, yet it is worth understanding that medical skin care is completely different from over the counter skin care products. Products prescribed under medical skin care treatment contain higher composition of scientifically tested, functional elements and are available only through a certified dermatologist. At Shumaila Khan’s Dermalase, we use customized skin care regimes of topical creams to bring about visible and effective results. When amalgamated with latest FDA approved procedures, these regimes of topical creams can enhance results.

Skin care experts agree that medical skin care is treatment between treatments, which, at Shumaila Khan’s Dermalase, starts with diagnosing and CLEANSING of the skin. Treatment starts with a prescribed combination of topical creams for the specific skin type or medical condition of the patient involved.

Skincare Facial Treatments We Offer

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Skin care products, including regimes of topical creams, administered on prescription of Dr. Shumaila or her team has over the years proved to be highly effective as home-based treatment. Patients should expect effective and noticeable results in a period of few months under continuous and proper administration. As noted worldwide, in young people having healthy skin, results start surfacing in 28 days as cells relocate from the deeper basal coat of the skin to the surface and desquamate. However, older skin will require more time to rejuvenate.

Dr. Shumaila Dermalase team can target skin redness, brown spots, hyper-pigmentation and rosacea with a regime of specific topical creams. Moreover, we can also come up with individualized treatment plan, fine-tuned with your specific skin type, to give you a lovely look. To avail a tailored skin care plan, make an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now.