Short Scar Breast Augmentation

Short Scar Breast Augmentation

Short scar breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to treat the breast structure and size with minimal visible scaring. Under the procedure, a small incision is made in the areola and a streak is made down the center of the breast. The implants are then inserted in the breast through this incision. This procedure of breast augmentation has become popular because of its minimal scarring nature.

Dr. Shumaila, a board certified dermatologist and team lead at the Dermalase clinic in Islamabad, performs short scar breast augmentation with a high degree of precision and effectiveness. The procedure leads to fast recovery, good healing and almost invisible scarring.

This procedure can be used to either increase or decrease the breast size in addition to reshaping it to appear more comfortable and fine-tuned with your overall body contour. After the procedure is performed, you get attractive, and well-contoured breasts with feelings preserved to the nipple.

According to Dr. Shumaila, the short scar breast augmentation procedure provides her better control over post-surgical breast shaping than with other procedures. The procedure normally takes 2-3 hours under general anesthesia.

Are you a candidate for short scar breast augmentation?

Short scar breast augmentation is an effective option for women who desire to have attractive, sprightly breasts with very little scarring. You can be a potential candidate for short scar procedure if:

  1. You feel embarrassed about the overly large or small size of your breasts.
  2. You feel unhappy about the shape and drooping of your breasts.
  3. You are in good health.
  4. You do not smoke.
  5. You have positive and realistic expectations from the procedure.

If you think that you can be a good candidate for short scar breast augmentation, book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila, who has so far carried out dozens of this procedure. She will determine your final candidacy for the procedure.