Scar Removal

Scar Removal

A damaged skin has to heal and restore and to achieve these ends, it may result in scars. Scar removal is the goal of every patient who experiences it and depending on your health, heredity factors and skin type, the scar may be very unpleasing and make the recipient very self-conscious.

If you are of the view that people notice your scars before they notice you, we can assist with a variety of scar removal treatments, most important being laser scar removal. Dr. Shumaila recommends laser scar treatment as the best option for your scar.

Appearance of scar on the skin is fundamentally triggered by the human body’s immune system’s attempts to heal the site of injury. The new temporary skin produced as a result of the human body’s natural system to blanket the wounded area appears and behaves differently from the rest of your skin. Over the long haul, the human body attempts to substitute the temporary skin with a skin that identifies more with the rest of your body skin; however, at times the immune system over performs and generates raised scars called hypertrophic scars. According to Dr. Shumaila, sometimes these red coloured scars can even enlarge beyond the frontiers of the initial wound.

The type of scar removal treatment for you depend largely on the type of scars you are having; however, laser removal of scar is recommended as the best option by Dr. Shumaila. Laser treatment can also used to remove acne scars.

At the Dermalase, we have invested heavily in latest laser technologies in a bid to provide our patients the best treatment option and help them meet their cosmetic goals. Laser vaporisation, laser peel and lasabrasion can also be employed to remove you scar. We have commissioned latest laser devices that allow our dermatologists extreme precision.

The laser light works by carefully removing the outer surface of the skin under treatment, consequently heating up the underlying skin and triggering the growth of new collagen. New and fresh skin forms as the treated skin heals. The new skin comes out more younger, smoother and beautiful.

If you have scars and want to get them removed, consult with Dr. Shumail today. She will examine your case and come up with an ideal treatment option for you.