Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment

The arena of tissue skin tightening and body contouring has witnessed huge growth over the last few years with a range of cutting edge technologies surfacing on the market that employ radio frequency energy.

Radio frequency treatment, which started with a single mono polar radio frequency apparatus, has evolved into a complete market consisting of technologies like bipolar radio frequency energy and tripolar energy. New devices, which exhibit 5 and 8 poles of radio frequency energy, have also made it to the market, bringing good news to people looking out for skin tightening, rejuvenation and body contouring treatments.

Radio frequency treatment, a non-invasive method, employs the skin tissues’ internal resistance to change the skin’s radio frequency energy into thermal energy, minimising tissue damage as a result and tightening the skin.

You might be thinking when you should consider radio frequency treatment. Worry not because we are here to assist you. You should deem going for treatment using this procedure, if you:

  • have loose skin on your neck, face, arms or abdomen
  • have post surgery surplus skin laxity
  • desire to improve the quality of your skin
  • don’t want to experience surgical procedures to treat a skin condition

At the Dermalase, we have a variety of new radio frequency treatment options available for you. However, Dr. Shumaila would first study your case and then recommend you the best treatment option. If you think that you are a good candidate for radio frequency treatment or want to know more about this treatment option, book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila today!