Post Surgical Scars

Post Surgical Scars

Post surgical scars, caused by surgical procedures, can be a source of discomfort for the patient, primarily when surgery has been performed on areas of the body that are often kept bar, including the face, neck , arms and hands.

According to board certified dermatologist Dr. Shumaila, making incision in the skin and cutting through skin layers during surgery typically result in post surgical scars. This can happen regardless of the skills of your surgeon; however, sometimes surgery carried out by a less skilled surgeon may increase intensity of post surgical scarring.

A majority of people who underwent surgery agreed that post surgery scars are a great source of aesthetic concern for them. Uneasiness for the patient may increase if the scars are large and prominent, affecting self-esteem of the patient resultantly. It has been noted that not all post surgical scars are the same: some scars are upraised while others are more casted down, and some may be red in colour while others may be white. The texture and overall appearance of the post surgical scars can also be different.

A latest laser treatment procedure called ablative fractional resurfacing is considered to be a safe and effective method to get you rid of post surgical scars. Dr. Shumaila says that 6 months after laser treatment of post surgical scars, noticeable improvements could be seen, including improvement in overall look of the skin and texture and pigmentation improvement.

Another latest laser therapy technique combing ablative CO2 laser with fractional photothermolysis has also been found to be very effective in treating post surgical scars. The procedure involves the use of laser lights in a very unique pattern to eliminate tapered piles of tissue from the skin. The procedure is normally repeated every 3-6 weeks.

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