Nose Surgery- Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery, also called rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic treatment procedure to reformat the nose. The technique can fine-tune your nose with your overall facial structure and physical persona. Nose surgery can be used to increase or decrease the size of the nose, change its angle and tip, fix bumps or any other imperfections in the nose.

According to our lead dermatologist, Dr. Shumaila, nose surgery involves the making of minor cuts to reach the bones and cartilage of the nose. The cuts are often performed inside the nose to avoid scarring and to make them undetectable after the surgery.

The procedure can be carried out with the use of local anesthesia; however, if the patient prefers to remain unconscious during the surgery, general anesthesia may be used. Even though nose surgery is normally performed as a day care procedure, yet some patients may be required to spend a night in the clinic.

Nose surgery candidate

You can be a good candidate for nose surgery if:

  1. Your nose size is either too small or too large.
  2. Your nose size does not go comfortably with your body structure and persona.
  3. You feel distressed about how your nose appears.
  4. You are not suffering from any illness or disease that may impair post-surgical healing.
  5. You do not smoke and use no drugs.
  6. You have realistic and positive goals to achieve from the procedure.

Dr. Shumaila will decide your final candidacy for nose surgery after thoroughly examining your condition. She is a board certified dermatologist and team lead at the Dermalase clinic in Islamabad. She has so far carried out dozens of nose surgeries successfully.

If you think that you can be a good candidate for nose surgery or simply want to know more about the procedure, book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila today.