Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Neck lift is a combination of cosmetic procedures to improve the contour and overall look of your neck. A variety of neck lift techniques exist and which one will be used in your case depends completely on your personal concerns and needs. Generally speaking, neck lift procedures can:

  • Remove extra skin from your neck.
  • Fix or remove neck muscles.
  • Remove extra fatty deposits from your neck.
  • Cater to your individual need for fullness of your neck.
  • Treat turkey wattle neck.

Are you a candidate for neck lift?

You can potentially be a good candidate for neck lift if:

  1. You are distressed or unhappy about how your neck’s appearance.
  2. You are in good health.
  3. You are a non-smoker.
  4. You do not use drugs.
  5. You are not suffering from any health condition that might impair the post-treatment healing process.
  6. You have positive and realistic expectations from neck lift.

Types of neck lifts

There are several types of neck lift procedures that can be used to treat your specific condition. Your case may necessitate the use of a combination of the various techniques. The most popular neck lift procedures include:

  1. Neck liposuction
  2. Mini-neck lift
  3. Combination neck lift

Often times neck lift procedures are carried out together with other cosmetic procedures, including chin lift and facelift.


If the appearance of your neck makes you feel uncomfortable, its time to consider neck lift. Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila to know your candidacy for the procedure.