Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy treatment as a weight-loss procedure took birth in France and is now fast expanding and trending across the world. The technique, which involves the insertion of minor amounts of a combination of medications into the sheet of connective tissue and fat under the skin, was originally developed in 1952 by French doctor Michel Pistor for the treatment of wounds of sportspersons and infectious and vascular diseases.

The theory of mesotherapy treatment suggests that the injection of little amounts of FDA approved medicines, vitamins, and minerals into the mesoderm result in melting of the fat under the skin. This cosmetic, non-surgical technique is used to reduce problem areas in the patient’s body, including excess weight, face and neck rejuvenation, cellulite, and body contouring.

According to Dr. Shumaila, the composition of combination of medicines involved in mesotherapy treatment changes according to the needs of each patient and the areas involved. This method has come out as an effective way to reduce pain and regrow hair in both women and men. Some dermatologists even call the method a “REVOLUTION.”

However, some people prefer to go for liposuction, instead of mesotherpay treatment. Dr. Shumaila differentiates mesotherapy from liposuction in the following way:

• Patients who undergo liposuction experience some pain after undergoing the procedure and during the healing time. On the contrary, mesotherapy is comparatively a painless method since it involves anaesthetic creams used on the area before injection.

• Liposuction often causes scars on the area involved, which may range from average to acute; whereas in mesotherapy, no risk of scarring is involved. However, little bruising and swelling may appear and stay in the region involved for few days.

• In liposuction the patient needs sedation while in the case of mesotherapy, no sedation is necessary and the patient can comfortable move out only few moments after the procedure.

Dr. Shumaila suggests that everyone can be treated withe mesotherapy, including obese patients requiring to reduce the trunk, buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen. The procedure can also be used to treat people who are thin, but feel uncomfortable with obstinate fatty areas.

The Dermalase provides unmatched mesotherapy treatment to its valued clients. We take greater care of every candidate of mesotherapy. Our team of certified dermatology specialists craft mesotherapy treatment plan according to the need of the patient and the body area involved. To know if you are a good candidate for mesotherapy, book your appointment with Dr. Shumaila now!