Macrolane Injection

Macrolane Injection

Dermatology experts have always deemed non-invasive cosmetic procedures to be the ideal choice of the future, and this consideration has moved closer to reality with the introduction of Macrolane injection – a non-invasive option to enlarge your breasts and other parts of the body, including buttocks and calves.

Macrolane injection is the first of its kind hyaluronic acid technique to shape the contour of the breats and other body parts. This Q-MED technology is very different from facial fillers in that it is every thicker gel developed to offer sustainable and result-oriented body shaping.

What conditions can Macrolane treat?

Macrolane injection can be used to:

  • Enlarge and shape the breasts.
  • Give volume to breasts in women who have lost breast volume due to hormonal changes, weight loss, accident or breast-feeding.
  • Treat conditions where women have lost breast asymmetry.
  • Shape the buttock and calves.
  • Remove post-liposuction irregularities.
  • Treat scarring

The procedure

Under the procedure, an expert dermatologist will inject the macrolane gel via a canula. Where breasts augmentation is involved, the canula will be injected under the breasts. During the processing of injecting the macrolane, the dermatologist will put it into the desired shape. Macrolane injection takes 30-40 minutes to complete.


With macrolane injection you may not gain the same increase in volume of your body parts as with surgical implants, yet there a number of advantages associated with this procedure that have taken it to the height of popularity. Some advantages of macrolane injection include:

  • Achievement of better and desired shape.
  • No use of anesthesia.
  • You do not need to take time off your work.
  • You do not get scarrings.
  • You are not required to stay at hospital overnight.
  • The procedure does not impede with mammography used to diagnose breast cancer.


If you want to know your candidacy for macrolane injection, book an appointment with our lead dermatologist, Dr. Shumaila, today!