Lip Reduction

Lip Reduction

Lip reduction is a cosmetic procedure to decrease the size of excessively large and bulging lips. The procedure will synchronize the size of your lips with your facial contour. Lip reduction results are sustainable and permanent.

It is a natural phenomenon that people with overly large lips become excessively self-conscious about the way they appear. Some people receive overly large lips as a genetic factor while others get them at birth as a congenital defect. There are also people who get overly large lips from previous incorrectly performed lip surgeries or as a result of an accident. Whatever the case, lips that are extra large can negatively impact your daily routine, such as eating and talking, besides isolating you socially, emotionally and psychologically.

There are more chances that once decided; your lip reduction procedure will be carried out under local anesthesia. However, the procedure may be performed under general anesthesia if more than one procedure are involved in your case or if you choose to go unconscious during the surgery.

Are you a candidate for lip reduction?

You can be a potential candidate for lip reduction if:

  1. You have overly large lips.
  2. You are not happy about your lips’ appearance.
  3. You are not happy with the outcomes of a previously performed permanent lip augmentation.
  4. You are in good health.
  5. You do not smoke.
  6. You have positive and realistic goals for the procedure.


Dr. Shumaila, a board certified dermatologist and team lead at the Dermalase in Islamabad, strongly believes that the first consultation is always critical to both the doctor and patient. It is this meeting that would determine if you are to go for the procedure or not. Dr. Shumaila will determine your final candidacy, but you will make the final choice to go or not to go for the procedure. Dr. Shumaila has so far carried out hundreds of lip reduction procedures. Want to know your qualification for the procedure? Book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila now!