Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Even though hair removal is part of almost every adult’s regular beauty routine, yet people having unwanted hair on parts of their body that should not have hair experience greater pain, especially women. This condition instills social isolation and emotional pain into the subject, prompting them to imagine if there was permanent hair removal solution to get rid of unwanted facial or other body hair. At the Dermalase, we use a variety of techniques to get you rid of unwanted body hair.

The most popular, effective and trendy procedures of hair removal that we employ at our clinic in Islamabad include NdYag (Cynosure Acclaim) laser machine for black/dark hair and Revlite Laser for fine/light hairs.Dr. Shumaila uses laser devices with her own hands to carefully and effectively remove unwanted hair from your body. She uses laser technology with precision and accuracy to destroy the follicles of unwanted hair with powerful laser beams.

“When it comes to hair removal, the use of laser technology is the most effective procedure that gives long-term solution and unwanted hair reduction,” says Dr. Shumaila, a board certified lead dermatologist at the Dermalase.

The Nd:Yag laser that we have employed at our clinic is counted among one of the safest, extremely successful lasers on people with darker hair. Even though this laser has the potential to remove fine/light hair too, but is Dr. Shumaila’s workhorse for black/dark hair.

For fine/light hair we use the RevLite laser that comes with attributes of cutting edge technology and yokes extra power for visible and effective outcomes.

Other procedures are also available to remove your hair. Dr. Shumaila will first examine your condition and then recommend a treatment option that would best serve you. Book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila if you want to remove your hair!