Large Pores

Large Pores

Large pores on the skin are often caused by a combination of factors; however, dermatologists have found the major causes to be age, sex and oily skin. According to Dr. Shumaila, the human body produces an oily material called sebum that makes the skin waterproof and prevents it from drying.

It has been found that people having naturally oily skin have large pores because direct collects in the oily skin, consequently swelling the skin and making the pores appear larger than normal.

As people age, the skin loses lasticity, causing the pores on your skin to look larger. When ageing factor combines with sun damage, it also impacts the look of pores. This thickens your skin, resulting in the collection of skin cells near the edges of your pores and finally pulling them out.

Researchers suggest that sex is also a major factor in creation of large pores. It has been scientifically proven that men tend to have large pores than women. Moreover, women are found to get enlarged pores during hormonal changes, specifically during menstruation.

Dr. Shumaila says that heredity factors may also play role when in appearance of large pores on the skin. If any one or both of your parents have large pores, there are chances that you may also go through such a skin condition.

The laser therapy at Dermalase is very effective in helping you to get rid of large pores. Laser treatment dramatically lessens large pores, giving you a healthy and smooth appearance.

During laser therapy to get rid of large pores, beams of laser light are applied to the particular area of the skin, which are then absorbed by the little blood vessels. This process then triggers the fibroblasts to naturally generate collagen- an important component to heal your skin and give your skin a young and attractive appearance.

The procedure depends on your skin type; however, for a majority of patients it takes about 6 sessions to see excellent results. The procedure can be performed on the neck, face and hands.

As a matter of fact, experienced and licensed dermatologists should have different types of laser technologies in their clinics. Moreover, the dermatologists should be well versed in performing laser therapy. Dr. Shumaila is a qualified and experienced dermatologist with several years of experience and hands on practice in laser therapy. She has so far treated hundreds of patients with laser technology. Moreover, Dermalase has a variety of international standard laser technologies.

To know if you are a good candidate for treatment of large pores with laser, book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila today!