Keloids Treatment

Keloids Repair & Removal Treatment

Keloids, also called as keloid scars, are sturdy jumbled-up and irregularly shaped scars which ascend sharply beyond the skin. Keloids are also deemed to be pink or purple colour scars that go out of control and never stop. Keloids have the tendency to grow gradually and opposed to scars, these do not give away with the passage of time.

Keloids have been noted to appear and grow sometime in the aftermath of surgery or after the body receives injury, ultimately spreading beyond the injured skin. Keloids can also appear on the skin suddenly or due to swelling of the skin. Ear piercings and burns also have the tendency to prompt keloids.

If you are suffering from keloids, it is highly recommended that you immediately book a consultation session with your dermatologist who may come up with a treatment plan for you.

Keloids treatment options you dermatologist may prescribe you include:

  • injections of corticosteroid in a bid to control swelling
  • application of moisturising oil to make the skin tissue soft
  • using silicon gel pads after receiving wounds to the skin
  • freezing the skin tissues to do away with skin cells
  • treatment with laser beams
  • treatment through radiations
  • surgery to get rid of the condition

Other methods to treat keloids can also be used. If you are suffering from keloids, you should go for a dermatological consultation with Dr. Shumaila who has so far treated hundreds of such cases successfully. Her skin clinic in Islamabad is equipped with latest technologies to help diagnose your keloids condition and come up with an appropriate treatment plan for you. Dr. Shumaila is a board certified dermatologist with several years of experience in skin treatments.

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