Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Hair loss is more commonly found in women than people mostly think and it is also a factor of extreme concern for women. Dr. Shumaila regularly deals with women undergoing hair loss and seeking treatment. A majority of women come to Dermalse after exploring other alternatives to restore their hair loss condition. Our Hair treatment specialist’s deems hair transplantation to be the best option for women suffering from permanent hair loss or female-pattern baldness.

Dermatologists largely agree that the option of hair transplant gives effective results for more than 90 percent of men across the world, and this holds true for less than 10 percent of women.

Not all women suffer from the kind of hair loss condition that would make them good candidates for hair transplant. This, according to the hair specialist, is because a majority of women patients experience ‘diffuse hair loss’ – whole thinning of hair across the head, including the donor areas. This makes female hair transplant a challenging task – one that our doctor’s loves to handle and treat. The demand for female hair transplant has shot up around the world, triggered by increase in the number of successful transplants for women.

You could be a good candidate for female hair transplant, if:

  • Your hair loss is caused by mechanical or traction alopecia
  • You have had cosmetic or plastic surgery in the past and are worried about potential hair loss near the incision areas.
  • You have a distinct pattern baldness that resembles male pattern baldness.
  • You have lost hair as a result of burn, trauma, chemical/acid burns or accident.
  • You are suffering from alopecia marginalis.

Our team at Dermalase has so far handled dozens of cases of female hair transplant with excellent results. If you are a female and suffering from hair loss or simply want to know if you are a good candidate for hair transplant, book a consultation session at Dermalase today, who will help you in determining if hair transplantation is for you.