Fat Injection

Fat Injection

Fat injection is a cosmetic procedure that involves the transfer of fat from excessively fatty areas in you body like the thigh to areas in your body that be demanding volume, mostly you face, buttocks, and breasts. According to Dr. Shumaila, fat injection is a sustainable, safe and comfortable cosmetic technique that offers natural-appearing outcome. Tens of thousands of people undergo fat injection across Pakistan.

Fat injection does not pose the risk of allergy because the fats are taken from your own body and no synthetic products are involved in the procedure. You should remember that fat injection is not a method to stop the aging process; however, facial augmentation carried out with the use of your own fat increases the chances to ward off more invasive methods like face lift, eyebrow lift or other kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

When should you consider fat injection?

You should consider to go for fat injection if:

  1. Your face or some areas on your face look hollow and wrinkled.
  2. You desire to get a permanent fix of your aesthetics than is offered by makeshift fillers.
  3. You want a good body shape, amend scars, get rid of physical slump and reinvigorate your face and other parts of the body.
  4. You want to reconstruct your breast to go properly with your overall physical outline.
  5. You want to get rid of body contour indiscretion or conceal visible signs of breast implant.

Are you a candidate for fat injection?

You can be a good candidate for fat injection if you have positive and realistic expectations from the procedure besides your body being in need of the procedure. However, our lead dermatologist Dr. Shumaila will determine your final candidacy for fat injection. She is a board certified dermatologist who has carried out hundreds of fat injection procedures so far.

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