Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

A well-shaped and full eyebrow with good composition is something not everyone notices; however, when the eyebrow is reedy or nonexistent, a majority of people would watch you with weird eyes. At the Dermalase clinic in Islamabad, our doctors  uses tested and cutting edge hair transplant procedures to treat permanent hair loss in the eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair transplant is an exceptional method to give you full and well-shaped eyebrows or simply touch up specific areas of hair loss in your brows that may have resulted from scars, heredity factors or injury. Eyebrow hair transplant has been built upon the same techniques used for hair transplantation on the head, under which hair follicles from donor area just above the ear is picked and then transplanted in the eyebrow area.

The procedure normally involves the implantation of about 200 to 300 grafts one eyebrow to give you better brows. Usually, patients undergo only one session to get perfect and attractive brows with eyebrow hair transplant procedure at our clinic.

Dr. Shumaila, a board certified dermatologist and her team, can carry out your eyebrow transplantation in 2-3 hours, depending upon he nature of your treatment. She often describes eyebrow hair transplant as a combination of art and science as it involves individual designing of your brow based on the shape of your face, your skin features and with the use of state of the art techniques.

The team at Dermalase  has so far treated transplanted eyebrow to hundreds of individuals with greater success. While treating your condition, she would closely examine the arch shape, hair thickness, brow length and space between hairs in a bid to give you ultimate satisfaction.

This permanent eyebrow restoration technique will give you beautiful, almost undetectable eyebrows with hairs that would perfectly and naturally blend with the existing hairs in the area and your skin tone.