Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery

If you are unhappy about the proportion, locus or structure of your ear, we have good news for you. Dr. Shumail can now improve the shape, position or proportion of your ears through a cosmetic procedure called ear surgery, also called otoplasty. The procedure can fix defects in your ear’s overall structure you may have from birth or that may has resulted from injury.

Ear surgery corrects your ear by introducing a natural shape to it so that it can best go with your face structure. It is worth mentioning that fixing even small defects in the ear can boost your overall look and self-confidence.

After undergoing ear surgery, you may feel some discomfort. You have nothing to worry about, because this is absolutely normal. Anyone who undergoes ear surgery feels itch in the skin under the bandages. You should not remove the bandages until and unless your dermatologist suggests so. Your post surgical discomfort can be controlled with medications prescribed by your dermatologist.

What kind of defects can ear surgery treat?

  • Extra large ears
  • Bulging ears
  • Dissatisfaction with past ear surgery

Ear surgery candidates

You can be a good candidate for ear surgery if:

  • You are healthy and not having any serious illness or ear infections.
  • You are accommodating and follow directives well.
  • You are able to speak about your feelings
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You are optimistic and have realistic goals


Ear surgery is a very personalized cosmetic procedure and you should first have a dermatological consultation session with Dr. Shumaila if you are not happy about the appearance of your ear.

Dr. Shumaila comes with years of experience in ear surgery. She is a board certified dermatologists. She has so far carried out dozens of ear surgeries at her skin clinic in Islamabad. Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila to discuss your case today!