Dry Skin Treatment

Dry Skin Treatment

Dry skin condition is very common and it can occur due to several reasons and at any age, says Dr. Shumaila, the lead dermatologist at Dermalase in Islamabad. Sometimes over-the-counter moisturizer does help treat dry skin, but most of the time people need a qualified dermatologist’s help to get rid of the condition.

It is pertinent to note that excessive dry skin can be a warning signal of dermatitis, a skin problem that involves skin inflammation. Dermatitis can cause itchy skin eruption or lead to the appearance of dry, cross skin. The earlier your dermatologist diagnoses and treats your dermatitis condition, the better. If not treated properly and early, the condition can get worse and go out of control.

How would Dr. Shumaila diagnose your dry skin?

Dr. Shumaila will very carefully check your skin and ask you several questions. The information you provide will help her get to the core of your skin problem and come up with a suitable treatment plan for your dry skin. If deemed necessary, you may also be asked to undergo tests.

How would Dr. Shumaila treat you dry skin?

After your dry skin problem has been diagnosed, Dr. Shumaila would come up with a need-based treatment plan for you, which may include more than one treatment options. Some of the treatment options may include the use of moisturizers, including ointments, lotions, oils or creams, and products containing petroleum.

If your dry skin condition necessitates, you may be prescribed to use medicines, such as corticosteroid for limited time period. Dermatologist’s prescription is highly required for the use of medicines. Moreover dry skin can be maintained by specialized serums in Hydra Facial and other different specialized Facial treatments.

You may also be asked to adopt life style changes. If your dermatologist finds out that your dry skin is caused by some activities you are doing in your daily life, you may be asked to stop that activity for few days and notice any improvement that may come up as a result.

No matter what is causing your skin to dry, Dr. Shumaila and the Dermalase team is committed to give you the best treatment. Want to get rid of dry skin? Book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now!