Chin Implant

Chin Implant

Chin implant, also called mentoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that restructures the chin besides augmenting, reconstructing and rejuvenating your facial shape. The procedures will give you proper facial proportion since the chin’s size has the potential to maximize or minimize the apparent size of the nose. Chin implant gives you a symphonic steadiness to your facial features and as a result you feel at the peak of your life.

You should consider to go for a chin implant if you feel that you have a feeble, retreating chin and desire to have a projecting chin besides longing to introduce improvement to your jawline. The procedure is also good for those who desire to boost the demarcation and completeness of the face and to restore proportion of facial outline that may have been poor by the human aging process. Chin implant is also good to fix deformities in facial asymmetry that may have resulted from injury or other conditions.

Chin implant candidate

You might be thinking if you are a good candidate for chin implant. You may be a good candidate for chin implant if:

  • You have a feeble, receding chin that you wish to improve.
  • You have a feeble jawline that makes your face appear poorly framed.
  • You desire to improve the completeness and definition of your face.
  • You want to restore age-induced deficiencies to the proportion and contour of your face.
  • You intend to fix facial distortions and collapses.
  • You are in good health condition.
  • You have realistic expectations and positive outlook on life.

Our lead dermatologist Dr. Shumaila, who will first examine your condition thoroughly, will decide your final candidacy for chin implant. She is a board certified dermatologist and has carried out dozens of chin implants so far at her Dermalase clinic in Islamabad. If you want to confirm your candidacy for chin implant, book an appointment with Dr. Shumaila today!