Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift

Dermatologists perform a buttock lift, also called belt lipectomy, to improve or remove extra and drooping buttock or thigh that may has emerged due to aging, weight loss, heredity factors or gravity. A buttock lift raises and tightens the skin covering the buttock, making it appear less dimpled, wrinkled or saggy.

At the Dermalase, we carry out buttock lift surgery with the use of anesthesia. According to Dr. Shumaila, not a single universal procedure is used to treat every patient of buttock lift surgery and this is the reason that she comes up with individual treatment procedure for each patient based on each patient’s body shape, amount of skin, skin elasticity and volume of fat to be taken out.

Buttock lift candidate

You may be a good candidate for buttock life if:

  • You have lost skin elasticity on your buttocks as a result of weight loss or aging.
  • Your thighs are dimply, flaccid or waved resulting from exercise or cellulite.
  • You are not a smoker.
  • You are optimistic and have realistic expectations.
  • You want to spend a healthy life with higher self-esteem.

The procedure

The procedure often starts with an incision in your waits or below the waist followed by more incisions through which extra skin and fat is removed from the soft tissue. The treated skin is then tautened, strengthened and closed in the form of layers.

The treated area will be dressed after the surgery and you will be wearing a firmness garment or flexible belt that would hold the skin in order to decrease inflammation besides helping in tightening of the skin.


If you want to know about your candidacy for buttock lift surgery, the best way if to book a consultation session with Dr. Shumaila. She is the lead dermatologist at Dermalase clinic in Islamabad. Dr. Shumaila, a board certified dermatologist, has years of experience in cosmetic surgeries and has carried out dozens of successful buttock lift surgeries.