Brow lift Surgery

Brow lift Surgery

A brow lift surgery decreases the wrinkle lines that often grow parallel across your forehead in addition to wrinkles that show up between your eyes and nose-bridge. The procedure mends frown lines besides raising sagging brows in the upper eyelids and repositions the eyebrows in a younger and vigilant place.

Brow lift surgery may be combined with eyelid tucks, both upper and lower, face lift and skin resurface procedures.

Brow lift candidates

Some signs that show that you can be a good candidate for brow lift procedure are listed below, but it is highly recommended that you first consult with Dr. Shumaila who will examine your candidacy thoroughly.

  • If you have good physical health
  • If you are a non-smoker
  • If you are optimistic and have realistic expectations from the surgery.

With age come wrinkles on the human body, especially the forehead, and most people want to get rid of them and appear more youthful because wrinkles and lines present us as extremely serious or angry. If these signs worry you, then brow lift surgery is for you.


After brow lift surgery, your forehead would be bandaged and your head may be slackly wrapped to reduce the risk of inflammation and bruising. These would be removed in a day or two.


The results of brow lift surgery are immediate. With the passage of time, inflammation will heal and incision lines with disappear. The ultimate result of the surgery will become gradually visible in a period of 2-3 months.


If you think that you have the potential to be a good candidate for brow lift surgery, book an appointment with our lead dermatologist Dr. Shumaila today!