Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment

Worried about wrinkles and skin sagging? We have a perfect solution for you. Team Dermalase brings you the best Botox treatment in Islamabad. It is a safe and affordable solution to get rid of the wrinkles and frown lines within no time.

Aging, exposure to sun & winds, increased muscle activity, dehydration and smoking damage the skin muscles bringing unnecessary crease lines around the face, neck and hands. The natural collagen inside the skin starts wearing making the skin lines prominent. One doesn’t realize their presence until they becomes very obvious- but it’s a gradual process. Forehead lines, frown lines, crow lines (around the eyes) and bunny lines (around the nose) are the most commonly seen wrinkles on the face.

Everyone wants to look good and continue to do so even when they age; for there are benefits attached to it. But as time passes, our natural ability of being the same fresh and young-looking starts fading away. Our skin becomes less elastic and starts losing its natural ability to recover through its natural rejuvenation process making one look old. But don’t worry; Medical science is there for the rescue! To fight these signs of aging and wrinkled skin, Darmalase brings you the best Botox treatment in Islamabad. At Darmalase the skin and laser clinic, Dr. Shumaila Khan examines your skin and suggests if the skin’s condition requires a Botox or some other skin treatment also suggesting the number of sessions required.

Botox being one of the oldest and safest solutions to fight these wrinkles and crease lines is recommended by the top dermatologists all around the world. It is tiny injections containing chemicals that are injected into the skin. A slight ant-bite tingling feeling occurs when the chemical is being injected. It is a small 10 minutes session. Botox is very convenient and a quick skin treatment. If you are working professional, you can even manage it in your lunch breaks.

The anti-wrinkle creams available in the market are outdated and do not serve the purpose. It is important to understand that they are applied on the upper surface of the skin which does not affect the muscles deep inside causing the wrinkles. The only effective solution is a protein Botox treatment that works on the skin deep contracted muscles.

After the Botox treatment it takes around a week for the results to start showing effectively. Botox leaves our skin looking fresh, more youthful and smooth.

The effects of a Botox last for about 4-6 months (may vary from person-to-person), after which the skin gets back to the state it was before getting the treatment. There is no major side-effect of a Botox treatment. You can have repeat sessions once you feel the lines have started to reappear. Fortunately, Botox is not a very lengthy process. It’s easy, convenient and made for everyone. People like you and me can get Botox. It’s not just for celebrities.

While choosing for a Botox treatment, make sure you get it done from an experienced dermatologist using quality products for it is all about yourself. At Darmalase, we are using best quality FDA approved procedures and chemicals which are absolutely safe.

If you feel your skin needs a Botox treatment and you want to give it a new life, book your appointment with the qualified dermatologist and Skin Specialist in Pakistan Dr. Shumaila Khan, right now!