Body Contouring Treatment

Body Contouring Treatment

Your body contouring treatment can be completed in a single surgical session or may require to be performed in several stages, taking into consideration your overall health and safety dynamics in addition to the scope and type of contouring procedure being performed. In simple terms, body contouring can be described as reducing surplus fat from your body or/and subsiding tissue and skin.

Dr. Shumaila always recommends her patients to follow a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise to continue living a healthy life with youthful body and appearance. However, sometimes and in some people, heredity, weight gain or loss, ageing and pregnancy often alter body shape and proportions, adversely affecting your body portrayal and self-credence. In these cases, it becomes very difficult for the subjects to shed unwanted fats and/or reshape disproportionate body curves through diet and/or exercise alone, making body countering treatment a necessity.

At Dr. Shumaila Khan’s dermatology clinic situated in Islamabad, a competent team of certified dermatology experts can help you reshape your body features and give you a youthful appearance and body contour, strikingly perking up your self-confidence. Dr. Shumaila has expertise and several years of experience in body contouring treatment, including contouring of breasts, neck, upper arms, flanks, hips, abdomen, buttocks, ankles, knees, arm, lower body and thighs.

One of the latest and trending methods in body contouring treatments is non-surgical cellulite removal under which patients can cut unwanted fats, get tighter skin, shed pregnancy fat, achieve small circumferences and get rid of wrinkles without exercise org diet change. Once at our clinic, you will have consultation with Dr. Shumaila in a private environment in a bid to decide a treatment plan to help you achieve results you may be longing for.

We offer the following types of non-surgical body countering treatments:

  • CoolSculpting

The procedure of CoolSculpting body contouring freezes unwanted fat in the body, after which it is innately removed from the body. This procedure, which works well for both men and women, is free of the use of needles, supplements, diet or surgery, and most importantly, no downtime.

  • Ultrasonic Body Contouring

If you want to lose inches and tighten your skin, then ultrasonic body contouring procedure is for you. Approved by the FDA, Bella Contour ultrasonic body contouring is one of the latest non-invasive and safe methods that effectively help tighten your skin by losing inches. Moreover, the procedure helps to smooth the cellulite and boost your skin health.

  • Non-Invasive Body Contouring with RF Energy

If you want more than one areas of your body to cut cellulite, then you should go for RF Energy contouring procedure. It works best on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and underarms.

If you want to go for body contouring treatment, it is time to make appointment with Dr. Shumaila, because she is not only the best dermatologist in Islamabad, but Pakistan. So, what are you waiting for? Make your appointment now!