Aging Skin

Aging Skin

Aging of the skin can be caused by a number of factors, including heredity factors, lifestyle, and the environment. Dermatologists across the world agree that the use of laser to treat ageing skin is a game changer. In the battle against ageing skin, no technology has redrawn the frontline as much as the advent of laser technology and innovations in the same technology that followed suit.

According to many dermatologists, the anti-aging quantum leap of the century is a skin resurfacing treatment known as CO2 fractional laser therapy. This procedure amalgamates the effective components of conventional carbon dioxide lasers with a novel operational procedure, whereby it yields robust and amazing results without the conventional dangerous side effects.

The emission of targeted beams of lights from non-ablative lasers hits cells deep inside the skin to prompt the production of collagen while leaving the skin unimpaired and undamaged. This treatment option is deemed safe and effective by dermatologists across the world, including Dr. Shumaila. This is one of the reasons that women are clamouring to go for laser affection.

The emission of powerful beams from the laser can help treat ageing skin by perking up the looks of fine lines, acne scars, loose skin, sun damage and any other condition. The procedure involves very little to no risk and minimal downtime.

“The market to treat ageing skin through laser technology has witness a huge boost,” says Dr. Shumaila. “People who hate invasive methods are going for lasers, given that it can revitalise the whole skin without abrupt alterations in appearance.”

If you want to get rid of your ageing skin or know if you are a good candidate for laser treatment of ageing skin, get an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now!