Aging Skin Treatment

Aging Skin Treatment

With age comes wrinkles and fine lines, blotchy complexion, decrease in skin firmness, and leathery skin etc. Dr. Shumaila recommends every patient to maintain healthy skin care habits if they want to maintain healthy skin throughout life. However, some people are less careful in their youth and this translates into ageing skin later in life. A number of wrinkle creams, anti-aging skin care products and eye serums are available to assist reduce the symptoms of ageing skin.

Dr. Shumaila has so far helped hundreds of people create anti-aging care plan, based on her expertise and using FDA approved chemicals and creams. Normally, a range of famous products for ageing skin treatment include prescription retinoids sold under the brand names of Renova or Retin-A. Retinoids sold under these names are very trusted products on the market because they hit the market shelves after proper clinical examinations and trials to see they work.

At the Dermalase, our experts believe in quality treatment with FDA approved procedures and chemicals. This is the reason that Dr. Shumaila and her team always focus on diagnosing the aging skin problem, getting to its root cause and then coming up with an effective treatment plan. If you are suffering from ageing skin, you should get an appointment with Dr. Shumaila now!

Treatment options for aging skin:

  1. Specialized Facials for aging skin
  2. Mesotherapy for aging skin
  3. Filler and Botox to take ages away
  4. Revlite laser for collagen building
  5. Photo Facials
  6. Laser Genesis by NdYag long pulse
  7. RF multi polar treatmentsLast but not the least
  8. High end specialized med cosmetics from world renowned brands